Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Loves!

I adore Target's designer collaborations and the recent one with Mulberry is no exception. This is the satchel in denim. They also make one in black velvet/patent leather and black patent leather. And, if you like smaller, crossbody bags, they have those too! $49.99

Tory Burch has a totally impractical sequin skirt on sale right now! It is to die for and can be paired with a black turtleneck, chiffon blouse or a slouchy sweater like this one from JCrew. This one is TOTALLY me! Now I just have to figure out where to wear it--football game? Playdate? Girls Night Out!


  1. Love the Mulberry for Target line! I ordered the large Black Patent this morning and can't wait to get it. I hope it's nice IRL. Did you end up getting one?

  2. I am going to head to Target tomorrow to check it out. I love the large black patent one too and have considered the pink leopard print, just because it's so different! I won't get both though.

  3. I have got to check out Mulberry for Target...I fell off the wagon big time for Tucker and completely forgot about this one. And how about J.Crew and the sequins this collection. There's so much it's painful!