Monday, August 3, 2009

Leopard and Suede

I love the new Ann Taylor! Since I work at home, most of the clothing is just too corporate for me. But, I did fall in love with their new collection. My favorite was this leopard sheath dress. I'll wear it with grey tights and these Stuart Weitzman grey booties. I love how it's classic with a twist!

Shoes or Boots? Either Way, I love 'em!

Last year, Gwyneth Paltrow photos started popping up with her wearing short dresses and booties, I wasn't really sure about the look. I loved the idea of it--edgy, sophisticated, sexy. But, I wasn't sure I could pull off a look like this.
Well, I figured out how I can do it--tights and a dress that's not quite so short. So, I scoured eBay for a few pairs and found the above, the Jimmy Choo George ankle boot. I figure I could pair it with tights and a cute, not too short dress.
The other pair I bought are Manolo Blahnik. They're a tad funkier, with grommets and straps... but I think they'll look fabulous with some of my more casual skirts.