Monday, June 15, 2009

My It Bag

Love this Marc Jacobs bag.
I'm particularly fond of the Stella handbag. I bought my first one on ebay about 5 years ago. It's black, heavy, big and sturdy. It's always a dicey proposition buying a handbag on ebay since many of them are fake. I got lucky-it was real. Based on that good luck, I started to hunt for another Stella bag recently. I won this one-again on ebay since I can't fathom spending thousands on a handbag. It's butterscotch, a great neutral that's yellowy-tan-perfect for summer and early Fall.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flower Power

After my grandmother passed away, all her granddaughters were allowed to choose some of her costume jewelry to treasure. While none of it was expensive, it was all sentimental to us. I chose some of my favorite beads as well as several enamel flower brooches. Very mod!
I've noticed that these are plentiful on ebay. What a colorful display.

Pin Me

I have an unhealthy obsession with vintage brooches. I collect them but hardly ever wear them. So, I've made it a goal to start working them into my wardrobe. My first attempt was the other night at a girl's night out. I wore this teal top from Banana Republic and affixed a wonderful lemony-lime stone brooch to the neck. The brooch I used was similar to the above but it was all that lemon color. Easy and fun!