Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trend Watch: How to Wear Today's Styles

BB Dakota Faux Fur Vest, J Brand Jeans, Tory Burch Jack Boots

Trend is a funny word. For example, leopard print is being named a trend this year, but really it's a classic that's been around for years. And, I'm seeing a few trends that I think will stick around and become classic.

Magpie Style spoke with Downtown Orlando Boutique Owner Wendy Ricchi of Zou Zou Boutique to find out what items have been flying out of her stores recently. l'll also give you tips on how to make a trend wearable. All the items featured in the photos are (or have been) available at Zou Zou, except for the Tory Burch boots.

Faux Fur Vests and Cropped Fur Jackets: "The biggest thing I'm noticing is the fur vest and jacket.  We've had in three different versions and they've sold out so quickly," says Wendy. "The vest really does work over pretty much anything, from a tee shirt with jeans to a solid dress with tights and boots. In fact, since it's still warm here I've seen people wearing the fur vest over a tank with cuffed shorts and ankle boots." She says the fur jacket looks super over cocktail dresses.
Photo Courtesy of Zou Zou Boutique

Magpie Styling Tips: Think you'll feel like a Sasquatch in this look? Think again. This type of vest comes in a variety of styles from super fuzzy to cropped and understated. And, if you're feeling overwhelmed with the vest, belt it like I did.
Will this trend turn into a classic? I'm not sure about the vest, but the jacket is sure to be a keeper. After all, cropped fur jackets were huge in the 50s and the styles we're seeing today are vintage copies.

Anything Beaded and Sequined: "Beads and sequins are no longer considered holiday attire," says Wendy. "I've seen sequined skirts with a tank, plain turtleneck or cowl neck worn during the day. And I had in this gorgeous beaded jacket that customers are wearing with a tee shirt or silk cami and denim." Just be careful, says Wendy, "They are very fragile, one snag and you lose a row of beads or sequined, so don't think you can party like a rock star in a sequined dress and come out with it intact."
Photo Courtesy of Zou Zou Boutique

Magpie Styling Tips: I have to admit, I haven't been bold enough to wear my sequined skirts out during the day, and I'm not sure they're a work "do." So, if you're feeling this trend, take baby steps. Consider a sequined tee shirt or tank. Or how about beaded instead of sequins? A tone-on-tone beaded jacket isn't too flashy and can look polished with a casual, day look.
Also, if you spent a pretty penny on a beaded or sequined frock, consider taking it to the tailor to have the stitching reinforced--before you wear it. The tailor can go over the garment to search for loose threads and reinforce them. My feeling is this is a trend that will stick.

Metallics. "Anything in a metallic bronze, silver, vintagey gold and black is huge right now," says Wendy.

Magpie Styling Tips: Metallic can be a great neutral. Consider buying a pair of pumps or sandals in a matte metallic to wear with anything from sheath dresses to jeans. Metallic colors aren't just for holidays.

Vintage-inspired cocktail rings and clutches. "This look comes from Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe," says Wendy. "So grab your clutches and cocktail rings." Wendy says that beaded clutches and wristlets are huge for fall and spring. She also says huge cocktail rings are a quick way to amp up an outfit. "I wouldn't be surprised if brooches made a big come back as well," she says. 

Magpie Styling Tip: Can't spend a lot of money? Check the thrift stores for super finds. Most of my beaded clutches are vintage, and I have a huge collection of brooches that I add in clusters to jackets or at the neck of a halter to add some panache. I've also threaded the brooches on a simple link chain to wear as a necklace. Or, invest in one big cocktail ring that will add class to any outfit.

Nudes. not nude people, but nude colors! "Nude, blush and taupe colors are beautiful and very in right now," says Wendy, who says that the new colors complement even pale complexions. "It's all about finding your perfect shade." She recommends finding a taupe with an olive undertone if you're pale. "This is a trend that will carry on through Spring. I just went to market and everything is that color palette."

Magpie Styling Tip: This is a super wearable trend and one that will stay for awhile. If you just can't find a color that complements your skin tone, buy a skirt or pants in this color. I also love the look of a nude shoe. If you find a tone that matches your skin tone, the nude heel makes your legs look longer.

Over-the-knee Boots. According to Wendy, tall boots have been around in different iterations for the last decade. But, over-the-knee boots are no longer seen just in the strip clubs. I think they look fab with skinny jeans and an off the shoulder beaded or sequined sweatshirt.

Magpie Styling Tip: If you want to avoid looking er... cheap, choose a flat-heeled boot. Leave the super high heel, mid-thigh boots to the supermodels who have legs a mile long and can pull off that look. I also like boots that are more snug fitting and that can be folded down so you have the option to wear it over the knee or at the knee.

Jeweled heels. "I have a shoe coming in the store that is a jeweled heel that I featured on my Facebook page, and I have two pages of people who called to order it," says Wendy.

Magpie Styling Tip: Love these! You can easily pull these off with jeans and a cute top for night. They're not just for parties and playing dress up.

Wendy Ricchi is the owner of Zou Zou Boutiques. Zou Zou has two locations: Thorton Park in Downtown Orlando and in Dr. Phillips's area at Dellagio. Don't live in town? Check out their Facebook page where she features new arrivals, then pick up the phone and call. She's happy to take your order via telephone. Please let her know that you heard of Zou Zou through Magpie Style! All photos courtesy of Zou Zou Boutique.


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